From The Desk of Founder President

Shri Kakasaheb Chavan sir

“Education is not just accumulation of facts rather it is a preparation of life. It’s a knowledge imbibed with ethics and morals.”

Nalanda’s Gurukul is the latest educational initiative of Dhareshwar Vidya Va Krida Pratishtan, under the dynamic leadership of the visioary Shri kaka saheb Chavan Sir, the founder president who is having an immense experience of 25 years in the educational field .

Shri Kakasaheb Chavan sir believes in ‘Excellence in Education’, that aims at fostering academic excellence as well as holistic development of students. He realized that newly developing area requires all the amenities as market, hospital and an educational institution. Keeping this in the view he took the initiative of starting with CBSE School with the world class amenities. He aims to provide his students perfect and conducive  environment to enjoy the learning experience as well as explore a wide range of aptitude to attain every ambition and express every passion

Shri Kakasaheb Chavan sir wishes to empower the learners to be self reliant and resourceful in order to meet the life challenges effectively. He firmly believes that students of today are the nation builders and future of tomorrow. By imparting them education through world class technology he visions his students to be competent at the international level and also make them unfold their dreams’ that will shape their career and will also make them responsible and caring global citizens