School Infra and Facilities

Library :

The habit of reading is nurtured from childhood, which moulds and enriches the growing minds, shapes their budding values and develops the right perspectives. Reading is timeless and is recognized as an art, capable of transforming an individual.

Reading is the art of interpreting printed and written words, the most effective process of conscious learning which influences attitudes, morals, beliefs, judgment and action of the young readers.

The library of Nalanda’s Gurukul have plethora of books for all age groups. Books with lot of pictures to Biographies, Autobiographies , Fictions, Comics, Encyclopedias, Fairy Tales, Books on famous legends ,Magazines ,Reference Books all are the part of school library.


To facilitate easy movement of students to and from school, the school acts as a coordinator between parents and the Bus Contractors. The bus service covers a radius of ten kilometers around the school. Bus services are optional and will be available to the wards of only those parents who will furnish the undertaking as prescribed by the school and available with the school transport in-charge.

Parents of students are not allowed to travel in the bus under any circumstances. Parents are requested to see the children are escorted to and from the bus. Children/ escorts should be at the bus stop ten minutes before the expected arrival of the bus.

Students are not permitted to travel by any other bus except the one allotted to them. The students are expected to reach the bus stop ten minutes before the arrival of the bus. Each student is expected to board and disembark from the school bus only at his/her regular stop and not anywhere else as per convenience.

Students who come on their own must report to school by 8:45 am.

Bus service have to be availed for one academic year without withdrawal in between . Service for only one side is not permitted.

  • Keeping the security of students in mind all big buses have female attendant.
  • The attendance of the students travelling by bus is taken twice once when they board the bus in the morning and secondly while the students board buses in the afternoon.
  • Students are handed over only to parents / guardians on bus stops.
  • Mr Dhanraj Chavan is the Transport incharge who look into all bus routes and any concern regarding the buses. His Contact no is : 7875984999